Medical Interoperability Gateway


The aim of MIG is to provide you with the best possible support and improve the efficiency of connections between health and social care settings. This means your information, such as recent blood results, is available when it's most needed, prevents you repeating information and reduces error e.g. being prescribed medicine you are allergic to.

It is a system designed for only clinical staff to see coded sections of your GP record. It works on a need to know basis and so data will not be stored anywhere other than with your GP surgery as the clinical professionals will not be able to edit information only view it.

MIG requires your EXPLICIT CONSENT to view at the point of care. This means you must chose to consent in response to a direct question asked by the health or social care professional before they are able to view your record. For all patients there is implied consent to share information unless you opt-out, but this information cannot be accessed without your consent at the point of care.

The following information will be available for clinical staff as coded data:

  1. Patient demographics
  2. Summary including past and current problems, current medication, allergies and recent adverse reactions
  3. Problem view
  4. Diagnosis (current and past)
  5. Medications
  6. Risks and warnings
  7. Procedures (operations and immunisations) 
  8. Investigations (tests, ECG, imaging)
  9. Examination (blood pressure only)
  10. Events (admissions and referrals)
  11. End of life care/supportive care data sets*

*this may be outlined in a supporting document and therefore contains free text

Visit the Derbyshire Health and Social Care Website or pick up a leaflet from the waiting room to find out more about MIG.

To opt-out please put your request in writing to the practice.